The by far largest energy source in our world is the sun. Since the maximum density of solar radiation occurs where the rays hit our globe vertically, Tanzania is gifted by her equatorial position; the annual average of insolation amounts to 1800 – 2400 kWh/m2.

In other words: on every single day at each square meter of Tanzania an energy potential of around 5 kWh is available, waiting to be tapped!

Solar radiation in Tanzania (yearly average)

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The Swahili-PC’s solar power supply is already manufactured. In the meantime, while the computer is under development, these devices work to substitute the widespread use of dim and noxious kerosene lamps with super-bright LED bulbs.

By powering LEDs (12V) and charging mobile phones (6V) the energy source for LED-backlit monitors and PCs of smart phone architecture is already at hand.

Assembling, installation and servicing of SOLAPOA devices will be done by Tanzanians.

“Taa” is the Kiswahili word for “light” while “solapoa” is an artificial compound including the popular expression “poa” which means that “things are all right”. At the same time it sounds like “solar power”. 😉

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